Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Applying for Federal Student Aid or Fafsa

Fafsa is free... So when applying for it, if you click on a site that wants you to pay for your application. Your on the wrong page. Here is the link for the federal Fafsa site.
U.S. Department of Education and Federal Student Aid logo (Start Here. Go Further)

·        Right on the main page is a button that says start here, click it.
·        Fill in the student name, ss# and DOB, click next
·        It will ask you for your password, if you do not have one you can get one here.
·        Student Demographics Section:
1.      You will need your driver’s license, social security number for the next part of the form.
2.      When you complete this section click next.
·        At this point based on your answers it will let you know whether to proceed in your application.
·        School Selection:
1.      Fill in your school information here, and any college’s you may be considering attending for the 2012/2013 school year.
2.      Click next and answer the questions until you complete this section.

·        Dependency Status:  This is where you answer whether you’re a dependant or not of your parents. Based on your answers on the next section you will use either your federal tax return or that of your parents to complete the form.
·        Parental Demographic: As an independent student I don’t fill this section in, but if you use your parents return you will need to fill this section in.  You are a dependant if your parents are claiming you on their taxes.
·        Financial Information: Here you are able to log onto the IRS site and transfer your financial information, it is a great help and saves a lot of time.
·        Sign and Submit: Now you will sign and submit your Fafsa with your pin.  If you do not have a pin yet you will need to get one to file electronically fortunately there is a link on this page to obtain one.
·        Make sure you print your confirmation page. It can take up to three business days before you hear anything more, so relax  your good to go for now.

Below is the link to check the status ofyour financial aid application.  You can also find out information about grants and scholarships that you may qualify for here as well.

I hope this information was helpful. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FAFSA it Wont Bite You

FAFSA is your friend:
So many people don’t bother going through the process of applying for federal financial aid because the assume that the just won’t qualify, or they feel overwhelmed when they have to provide documents. 
Tomorrow were going to go through the steps for applying for federal financial aid, from first applying to what most schools will require in paperwork. If you don’t apply you don’t know what kind of assistance you are entitled to.

Its easy its free, and takes about twenty minutes to do. 

With rising costs all around it would be just plain silly not to do it.

My Dog Ate My Homework....

As a kid, growing up I would laugh when a teacher would say to someone, “Let me guess, your dog ate your homework.”  My dogs do not eat my homework thank god but they do try to eat anything and everything from my desk in my office to the wall.

For two bulldogs with distended jaws, this really does seem incredible to me.  They will discretely stand by my bookcase and nibble on the edges of my books, until I catch them and then they look at you with a look that says, “What?  I didn’t do it mom.”  Gunny will regularly steal things and sit on top of them so you do not know what she has, not pulling it out until no one is looking before she will begin to chew it to death.

Why do I mention them you may ask?  Because every day as I sit here and write, doing homework or work they are constantly by my side.  They make me smile inspire and enlighten me when I am stumped.  Their antics make me laugh the most, whether they are pawing me for attention or stealing each other’s toys.  Their calm presence helps me to focus and often find the answers to bigger questions.

To make college or life work its each of the little pieces in your life that have to come together to make it all work and make sense.  At eighteen, I honestly wasn’t ready for college, I didn’t know who or what I was or what I wanted with my life. It took finding me first to figure out what I personally was looking for, and how I would get there.

I’m saying this because the answers aren’t always fast and hard, sometimes it’s those gray area’s we have to color in first to finally figure out where we want to go. The many threads have to come together to build something that will last a lifetime and be strong enough to survive.  So if you don’t know what you want to be, take a class try something new until you find what works for you as a person. Just don't give up or give in!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's are Monday's

Today was another day in my adventure. I learned that a seven year old has  circle’s of friends, and the one’s that aren’t very nice go to the outer circle’s.  Life is very simple when you are seven; it’s broken down into nice and not nice.

Western Civilization II, has been posted for discussion, so for now I am good to go.  Today was interesting because I got to work and brainstorm on my article.  I am excited because there are so many activities on campus for people to do and a lot of it is free or at a lower cost.  Theater, Day Trips, presentations, authors, and musicians just to name a few.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to take advantage of some of these great opportunities?  I’m working on a brief or short news description about a Poet who is coming to speak at our college. Attached to this post you will find a link so you can see how easy it is to find this kind of activities going on at colleges. If you went to your local college’s web site you will more than likely find the same kind of activities there.

What I love is getting to write as an assignment about these things.That every time I go to class I’m not bored or waiting to get out the door.  That for those, two hours a week I get to go, interact think and learn how to be a better writer. How to do something I love.  I’ve spent my whole life taking care of my family, doing whatever I’ve been called on to do and putting my dreams on the back burner.  The deep passion and love I had at 18 is still there, it may have dimmed over the years but each day, every challenge it grows stronger and stronger.  That is a big part of why this matters.

Sunday At Last......

Most days’ start at 7 a.m. and don’t end until almost midnight.  What does a day entail, well getting my 7 year old off to school, which includes keeping his attention on getting ready for school. This week was tough though, Monday the kids had off, Tuesday I had class, Media Writing II with the dreaded red pen.

I was sick with a stomach flu that afternoon, which threw me off for two days.  Sometimes juggling is really juggling what life throws at you.  There is so much to learn and that is the part I love the most, each class is a challenge and adventure.

 Its 12a.m. and I just sent in my final assignment for the week, now its download any reading I have to do to my kindle (this is my best friend) and prep for next week.

Make the lunches, get a shower, let the dogs out, and get some sleep. The house is quiet, even the dogs are snoring on their bed, it doesn't end. 

I still have to check my eBay store before I can go to bed to upload some new items, and ship what needs to go out. The list goes on and on but it is worth it.
What is the funniest part, is all those anxieties we had as young adults in high school are still there. Will I get my paper in, is it going to be good enough.  You can feel really great, about a piece you wrote, or essay and when you get it back your horrified by some of the blunders you make.  “And all those red marks…”

A friend of mine used to always say that when you are learning something new remember, “The Learning Curve.”  Because you will always make mistakes as you go. She used to design kitchens, and as a new designer, she would make some good ones.  But she would always smile shrug her shoulders and get to work fixing it to create a first class kitchen.

I look at this as creating a new me, more in tune to the world around me and better able to tell others about it. There are good days and bad, but the journey is worth taking. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mara, Jesse, & Austin

Being the grandma is the best.. 
The Great guy . Tom


Where to begin?  As a full-time student at Ocean County College in New Jersey, I get to juggle being many things to many people.  First, I am a mom, a daughter, grand mom, or (Nana) and a fiancĂ© to a great guy.  We have 2 bulldogs Gunny and Annabelle, a rabbit named Ricardo, and a very fat cat named Cleo.Plus a total of 7 kids between us.

Majoring in media journalism, and trying to be there for my girls who are leaving the nest, and giving me more gray hairs by the day. Can be plain overwhelming.  Another great part of my life is, I am raising a 7 year old son, with my fiancĂ© who has more questions than the IRS during a tax audit. Actually to be truthful both the fiance and 7 year old have the questions.

“Boys are very different from girls I have learned.” After an all girl household for 10 years, this was a definite culture shock for us all. Having a very big 6'4"manly man in the house, and then a little man also.

Having been an active member of the workforce for over 25 years, I found myself unemployed at 44.  The opportunity to go back to school, “ironically with both my daughters,” presented itself so here I am.

I have taken a total of seven classes and now five more, two so far with my youngest daughter, who I’ve learned is very competitive.  So when she gets a grade higher than I do on an assignment I get an, “in your face mom.”   

I don’t mind because she gets it right back when I am doing better then she is. The bottom line is to get everyone through this perhaps a little smarter and with a degree.  Trying at the same time not to go broke doing it and keeping my sanity and humor intact. 

Its More then Just a Dream

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