Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Applying for Federal Student Aid or Fafsa

Fafsa is free... So when applying for it, if you click on a site that wants you to pay for your application. Your on the wrong page. Here is the link for the federal Fafsa site.
U.S. Department of Education and Federal Student Aid logo (Start Here. Go Further)

·        Right on the main page is a button that says start here, click it.
·        Fill in the student name, ss# and DOB, click next
·        It will ask you for your password, if you do not have one you can get one here.
·        Student Demographics Section:
1.      You will need your driver’s license, social security number for the next part of the form.
2.      When you complete this section click next.
·        At this point based on your answers it will let you know whether to proceed in your application.
·        School Selection:
1.      Fill in your school information here, and any college’s you may be considering attending for the 2012/2013 school year.
2.      Click next and answer the questions until you complete this section.

·        Dependency Status:  This is where you answer whether you’re a dependant or not of your parents. Based on your answers on the next section you will use either your federal tax return or that of your parents to complete the form.
·        Parental Demographic: As an independent student I don’t fill this section in, but if you use your parents return you will need to fill this section in.  You are a dependant if your parents are claiming you on their taxes.
·        Financial Information: Here you are able to log onto the IRS site and transfer your financial information, it is a great help and saves a lot of time.
·        Sign and Submit: Now you will sign and submit your Fafsa with your pin.  If you do not have a pin yet you will need to get one to file electronically fortunately there is a link on this page to obtain one.
·        Make sure you print your confirmation page. It can take up to three business days before you hear anything more, so relax  your good to go for now.

Below is the link to check the status ofyour financial aid application.  You can also find out information about grants and scholarships that you may qualify for here as well.

I hope this information was helpful. 

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