Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's are Monday's

Today was another day in my adventure. I learned that a seven year old has  circle’s of friends, and the one’s that aren’t very nice go to the outer circle’s.  Life is very simple when you are seven; it’s broken down into nice and not nice.

Western Civilization II, has been posted for discussion, so for now I am good to go.  Today was interesting because I got to work and brainstorm on my article.  I am excited because there are so many activities on campus for people to do and a lot of it is free or at a lower cost.  Theater, Day Trips, presentations, authors, and musicians just to name a few.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to take advantage of some of these great opportunities?  I’m working on a brief or short news description about a Poet who is coming to speak at our college. Attached to this post you will find a link so you can see how easy it is to find this kind of activities going on at colleges. If you went to your local college’s web site you will more than likely find the same kind of activities there.

What I love is getting to write as an assignment about these things.That every time I go to class I’m not bored or waiting to get out the door.  That for those, two hours a week I get to go, interact think and learn how to be a better writer. How to do something I love.  I’ve spent my whole life taking care of my family, doing whatever I’ve been called on to do and putting my dreams on the back burner.  The deep passion and love I had at 18 is still there, it may have dimmed over the years but each day, every challenge it grows stronger and stronger.  That is a big part of why this matters.

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