Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday At Last......

Most days’ start at 7 a.m. and don’t end until almost midnight.  What does a day entail, well getting my 7 year old off to school, which includes keeping his attention on getting ready for school. This week was tough though, Monday the kids had off, Tuesday I had class, Media Writing II with the dreaded red pen.

I was sick with a stomach flu that afternoon, which threw me off for two days.  Sometimes juggling is really juggling what life throws at you.  There is so much to learn and that is the part I love the most, each class is a challenge and adventure.

 Its 12a.m. and I just sent in my final assignment for the week, now its download any reading I have to do to my kindle (this is my best friend) and prep for next week.

Make the lunches, get a shower, let the dogs out, and get some sleep. The house is quiet, even the dogs are snoring on their bed, it doesn't end. 

I still have to check my eBay store before I can go to bed to upload some new items, and ship what needs to go out. The list goes on and on but it is worth it.
What is the funniest part, is all those anxieties we had as young adults in high school are still there. Will I get my paper in, is it going to be good enough.  You can feel really great, about a piece you wrote, or essay and when you get it back your horrified by some of the blunders you make.  “And all those red marks…”

A friend of mine used to always say that when you are learning something new remember, “The Learning Curve.”  Because you will always make mistakes as you go. She used to design kitchens, and as a new designer, she would make some good ones.  But she would always smile shrug her shoulders and get to work fixing it to create a first class kitchen.

I look at this as creating a new me, more in tune to the world around me and better able to tell others about it. There are good days and bad, but the journey is worth taking. 

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