Friday, February 24, 2012


Where to begin?  As a full-time student at Ocean County College in New Jersey, I get to juggle being many things to many people.  First, I am a mom, a daughter, grand mom, or (Nana) and a fiancĂ© to a great guy.  We have 2 bulldogs Gunny and Annabelle, a rabbit named Ricardo, and a very fat cat named Cleo.Plus a total of 7 kids between us.

Majoring in media journalism, and trying to be there for my girls who are leaving the nest, and giving me more gray hairs by the day. Can be plain overwhelming.  Another great part of my life is, I am raising a 7 year old son, with my fiancĂ© who has more questions than the IRS during a tax audit. Actually to be truthful both the fiance and 7 year old have the questions.

“Boys are very different from girls I have learned.” After an all girl household for 10 years, this was a definite culture shock for us all. Having a very big 6'4"manly man in the house, and then a little man also.

Having been an active member of the workforce for over 25 years, I found myself unemployed at 44.  The opportunity to go back to school, “ironically with both my daughters,” presented itself so here I am.

I have taken a total of seven classes and now five more, two so far with my youngest daughter, who I’ve learned is very competitive.  So when she gets a grade higher than I do on an assignment I get an, “in your face mom.”   

I don’t mind because she gets it right back when I am doing better then she is. The bottom line is to get everyone through this perhaps a little smarter and with a degree.  Trying at the same time not to go broke doing it and keeping my sanity and humor intact. 

Its More then Just a Dream

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As a recently married 46 year old I am in the process of finishing my degree. Working to take care of my family and live my life.Blogging, working, writing, and chugging along like most of us.  Who am I ? I am you, I am me, I am your mother, friend, the best and worst that we each have inside of us. I am a different perspective and find myself fascinated by the interesting moments in life.

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