Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do You Remember When...?

Do you remember when there were no cell phones? Or when computers didn’t have Windows? When we had records, and cassettes, or how about mopeds? When touch screens where on star trek, and seeing who you where talking to only happened face to face. Technology is great, and sometimes I wonder how we ever got along without it.  We all thought our parents where old and did not have a clue back then. Well except my mom she would ride her moped and track me and my friends down like the police. 

Some things are no different today then they where yesterday, but some things are. Reality is that we are now where our parents were.  Now we are the nerds to our kids.

When I talk to my girls and they roll there eye’s at me I remember how many times I did that to my own mom or dad.  Then I make sure I tell my parents how much I love them because they were not really nerds, and they did actually have more than a clue.

It is funny how life constantly repeats itself and it isn’t until they are adults themselves that they finally begin to get it.  We are all just trying to look out for the kids that we love, and help them avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks we had to go through.

No matter how big they may get they will always be my kids.  Twenty years from now when they are where I am, I will laugh as my mom now does at me. 

 I am sure technology will have many more exciting things in store for us all, but for today, I can fondly remember where I was and what life was like.  The big hair, MTV, hanging out with my friends, walking to the movies or riding our bikes all over town. You cannot go back but it is nice to remember sometimes. 

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