Monday, March 12, 2012

Doomsday Real or Paranoia

I feel like every time I turn on the TV all we see are reality shows. You name it there is a show about it.  I choose not to watch them but that is my choice.  However when you look at shows like National Geographic’s Doomsday Prepper’s I honestly have to wonder how much validity there is to what they are doing.  I have watched it  more out of curiosity then anything and what I found interesting where several things.

 1.     If there were no truth to what they are doing, why would a show like National Geographic’s or Discovery Channel put it on television? 
2.     These are NOT dumb people; many are college educated, business owners, executives, intelligent, and articulate people. 
 (Yes, there are still some nut ball’s out there as well).
3.      I do not believe intelligent people would spend/invest millions of dollars on a shelter if they did not think some of this was real. 
4.     Anyone who knows anything about history knows that historically a nation will reach a peak and then it begins to self-destruct without strong leadership.  The Reasons would be due in part to corruption, taxes, poor leadership, and unrest.
5.     The homeless rate is still on the rise, and anyone who does not believe it just look around you because they are wandering around on your streets.  My own daughter brought that to my attention right here in a normal suburban town.
6. There are to many things going on right now that are not part of a strong or healthy economy, the middle class is a dying breed.

I have taken the time to read some of the articles, put out by CNN,Fox, as well as several other organizations.  The Media in many cases is showing complete contempt for these people and their views.  They are working very hard to discredit all of these people.

Now here is what I think, No I do not think the end of the world is coming and I do not think it’s the Mayan calendar showing us the end of the world.  I think we are seeing what we want to see, and what I mean by that is, it is unacceptable for some people to acknowledge that something more could possibly be wrong with our country.  So they choose to not look, or from a journalistic point of view refuse to go after the real story.  I believe there is some truth to what these people are saying.  That they have the right to prepare in whatever way they think is right, so long as it is legal. Without the contempt of the media.

 What does that mean for me?  Well for one I am NOT going to start hoarding food, but I will continue to can food, and grow my own garden as I always have.  I will keep my freezer stocked like always.  I will also watch what I spend my money on for now.  I will thank god I have a man like Tom who will be just fine and make sure we’re all fine if the poop hits the fan. In short,will continue to be as resourceful as I have always been.

One of the things that is good about this country is we each have the right to make up our own minds about what we choose to believe and what we choose not to believe

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