Friday, March 23, 2012

Finally Friday...Let the Games Begin

Everyone is busy today, we run to our jobs, getting our kids to and from school making dinner, doing the laundry and cleaning the house.  Friday’s mean we can let our hair down, Fraggle off a bit or just plain have some fun.

Something Small

On Friday’s I go to class, hit a few garage sales looking for items for my store.  There is always some treasure out there even if it’s unexpected and small.  Then its home again where I crank my iPod and listen to some music while I figure out what to        
write on my blog. 
Annabelle Baby Girl
I know that most of my work for school is done or on track so I can relax and goof off just a bit. 
Gunny Girl
The Girls took a swim in their pool and played. Now they are snoring away on their bed at my feet. 

It is beautiful and warm out, a great spring day . 
Friday’s are stress free, there is nothing that is so important at this point of the week that it will not wait.  There is a big glass of iced tea sitting on my desk, which is just what will hit the spot.  Dinner isn’t even a rush tonight because no one has to be anywhere specific.
By Friday, my mind is numb from school kids and schoolwork, never mind the dogs and the mischief they get into. This week was mild in the mischief department, they only decided to attack their bed and pull all of the stuffing out of it so I could fix that.

Its More then Just a Dream

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As a recently married 46 year old I am in the process of finishing my degree. Working to take care of my family and live my life.Blogging, working, writing, and chugging along like most of us.  Who am I ? I am you, I am me, I am your mother, friend, the best and worst that we each have inside of us. I am a different perspective and find myself fascinated by the interesting moments in life.

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