Thursday, March 22, 2012

Homelessness is it Really a Problem?

How can anyone say that homelessness is on a decline?  I did just a few searches, and finding statistics alone was like pulling my own teeth. The fact is it’s a hard number to come up with because these people have lost hope and learned to stick to themselves and probably don’t want to be counted as homeless.  In Ocean County we have several homeless cities or towns, in Lakewood there are at least two, Toms River, there is one that I know of. That’s not mentioning the ones that haven’t been found yet.
The sad truth is that many of these people had jobs and had lives, families and friends not unlike you or I.  Yes, there is a percentage that are mentally disabled, that have fallen through the cracks with the many cut back over the years.  But the truth is this is a growing population. 60 Minutes did a segment on homeless people who live in their car, motor home, or even a van.  These people are no less worthy of our time or attention than anyone else is. 

So when you’re out driving around or you go to throw out something that is perfectly fine, think about passing it on, donate to a food bank, shelter, church or organization that is trying to help. 
So many people don’t want these people in their communities, maybe because they are a reminder that life isn’t perfect or maybe because they feel the homeless should be hidden away.  We all fall down at some point, and there is usually someone there to help you get back up. If nothing more, think about doing something.  No matter how small it could make a world of difference.  60 Minutes Story in Homelessness.

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