Thursday, March 15, 2012


My grandpa was the king of unique phrases.  He was colorful, in both his speech and manner, at times to colorful.  We often referred to him as a diamond in the rough.  He was a landscaper and an active member of the Garden Club in Midland Park.
 What I always found interesting was he only ever wanted to be a farmer, and he would tell you that.  He started his life out going to private schools and managed to get himself kicked out so he could go to public school with his friends.

Elwood Gallagher wasn’t stuffy or pertinacious, he was as down to earth as you could get. He didn’t buy on credit and paid his bills on time.  Yet it was what he said that stayed with me the most. 

  Some of his more memorable phrases where; “That’s a pisser”, “she’s a stinker,” “She’s full of piss and vinegar”, “Let’s get outta this whore house,” “The lord made um,” “water my horse,” “Get the lead out of your ass.”  His wonderful sense of humor was always there, teasing someone or singing old burlesque songs.  You knew if his eyes where sparkling he was up to mischief.
 continued in part II

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