Thursday, March 15, 2012

If it Ain't Broke Don't Fix it: Part II


 I can remember going on trips with him, my grandma, and my siblings out to Pennsylvania for daytrips. It was always an adventure, we would get shrubs, apples, peaches, having a picnic lunch when we stopped, and he would take us for ice cream on the way home. We could steal apples out of the bushels from the back seat and eat them while we drove never thinking about pesticides or washing them. He once told us we were lost, to which my brother and I said, “That’s Ok grandpa.”  My sister cried, because she believed him. 

One of the many things he taught us was how to garden, and weed; we picked cherries at his house for cherry pie, and would go to pick elderberries as well.  He knew more about plants then anyone I know, about manure, and natural fertilizer before it was “organic.”

He was Christmas, for us kids because at the time my parents didn’t celebrate Christmas.  I think he is one of the reasons I get that it’s about the spirit of Christmas and that everyone should get something.

I remember him swearing at his truck, as he would shift gears, calling it Jezebel and a SOB.  He is one of the reasons I name my cars, and still have my “Elwood” a green FordRanger xlt with 380 thousand miles on it.  It is old and beat up and runs like a champ, every time I shift gears and it catches or bucks I still think of him. I am glad he was a part of my life and gave us all the legacy of his humor in the everyday, and a love for life.

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