Friday, March 02, 2012

Grand kids, homework, and ebay

It’s always good when the grand-babies arrive, Addison is here overnight to visit Nana and Pop. She had a bite of Pizza, and after telling Gunny and Annabelle to behave, she finally settled down to watch Lady and the Tramp with Jesse.  Despite all of the excitement, its 11p.m. and I have managed to respond to two discussion assignments, load my dishwasher, and add five more items to eBay.

Tomorrow there will be pancakes, and laughter as the house comes back to life.  I love where I am, and each day is a gift and adventure.  What more could I possibly ask for?

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As a recently married 46 year old I am in the process of finishing my degree. Working to take care of my family and live my life.Blogging, working, writing, and chugging along like most of us.  Who am I ? I am you, I am me, I am your mother, friend, the best and worst that we each have inside of us. I am a different perspective and find myself fascinated by the interesting moments in life.

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