Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Only My Shadow Knows...

Shadow One 

 I have loved English bulldogs from way back, but I never knew what truly wonderful dogs they are until I got one. There temperament is sweet, they are playful short mid sized tanks. Gunny was our first, and she was sweet and gentle, she plays fetch like a lab and will bring one of her toys over for you to throw. If you are not paying attention, she will head-butt you with her toy until you throw it for her. She is a big chicken and hides by mommy when anyone new comes over.

Then Annabelle the baby came, who reminds me of Pete, the dog from the little rascals only shorter. She is loving and sweet and wants to play with and chew on anything that is not nailed down. Well even the nailed down stuff also.
Shadow Number Two
They follow me everywhere I go, if I go to the bathroom they open the door and come right in.  I have learned it is easier to just let them in when I enter the bathroom and then close the door.  They will sit there and watch me when I take a bath or shower at night, so I have learned to play throw the washcloth because they just will not go away and it is the only way I can take a bath.

My back door is now a doggie door thanks to Gunny.  We will be switching it out with a new door with a doggie door for them.  If I make the bed they think it is now time to jump on the bed, they steal the socks when I am washing laundry and think its great fun when I chase them around the house for the socks. My 7 year old blames every fart on the dogs now, as does Tom.  No doggie toy is safe because they destroy them as fast as I can buy them.
There is no where I go in my day that they do not follow, even if it’s to just lay, at my feet.I love my dogs, they are funny, lazy, and nuts, they snore and fart all the time. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. They make me smile and complete our family in such a way we would be lost without them. The love and companionship dogs give without reservation is amazing. Truly one of Gods better creations in this world we live in. 

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