Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Economy A Sticky Situation

Sitting here the one question, I have been asking people by polling the real average person: is whether they feel the economy has effected them and do they feel the government is giving us the information we need to deal with it. 

 Repeatedly I have heard concerns about the inaccuracy of unemployment statistics, which do not seem to count the individuals who did have full time jobs, but are now part of a growing number forced to work part time and struggle.  It is easy to say the economy is getting better, but is it.  When someone who has lost their job due to downsizing or for other reasons has used the limit of their benefits, the truth is, they are on their own and are no longer counted as unemployed.

Many individuals have taken part-time jobs to supplement their income, working shorter hours for less money so that they do have a job until they can find one in their field for fear of being, passed over for job opportunities. 

The concerns range from concern over the raising gap between fair wages and the rising cost of living, food, and gas.  Our incomes are not keeping pace, with the cost of living, and that is a sad truth.  Times are just as hard for small business owners who have to operate with less staff to adjust to the same costs we all must deal with. When you drive down the road it seems like storefront after storefront is empty.

The number crunchers can spin a statistic to show pretty much whatever you want, poll the right people, from the right demographic and you can take a negative and make it look like a positive. It still doesn’t mean that it is. 

There seems to be a growing number of people who are discontent with what they are seeing and hearing, I think it is with good reason. It isn’t paranoia, or extremist looking to usurp our government, its middle class people like you and me, who see the difference when we go to the store, or have to buy shoes for our kids. 

 The average person wants to work, wants to take care of their family, and it is getting harder and harder.  Many have returned to school to get that degree hoping against hope that it will help them to survive. Our food pantries, are running on a higher need from people trying to feed their families, and many are even forgoing health care because they just can’t afford it anymore. 

So you be the judge, whether you make 250 thousand or 30 thousand can you do what you did three years ago?  How about 5 years ago? 

I recently heard on a talk radio show, the announcer said," the price of crude oil is going up this is a good indicator that the economy is recovering." REALLY?????

Maybe it’s time to deal with the truth of whats going on with our economy instead of whitewashing it. 

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