Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today respect seems to be a hard commodity to come by. People are either one extreme, demanding respect they have not earned or not expecting it when they should.  One of the problems with being a nice person is people tend to think nice means doormat especially when they are close to you. 

Learning to not put everyone first was a hard lesson for me.  I consider myself well adjusted pretty even-tempered and easy to get along with. Yet people will push as far as they can.

People I have worked with consider me tough but fair.  Yet in my own personal life, I have let my loved ones expect and demand too much at times. This is funny because in my relationship with Tom, I do expect him to respect me and be fair. In truth he is my anchor and advocate for standing up for me.
Tom My Anchor and Friend

Yet in the rest of my personal life, I have set a bad pattern of giving in, rather than setting boundaries. Why is this important you may be asking yourself? Well because with going back to school full time, and living my own life, by pursuing my dreams I have upset some applecart’s so to speak. 

Going to school full time isn’t easy for anyone.  Finding that balance of being both a parent and friend is often hard in our busy day-to-day life; add that all together with school and you are going to upset someone.

This post is more about encouraging others, and letting you know that it’s ok to expect others to step up. You are responsible for the decisions you make just as I am.  I have hit a place and point in my life where respect is important.  This is one of those hard lessons we learn along the way.  When we give in to others all the time and then stop, it can get nasty and uncomfortable, but have faith.  Do not give in because what you do today will make a difference down the road. Hold your head up keep your eyes on the goal and keep going.

Hold other’s responsible for the decisions they make on how they are going to treat you. Above all do not let them blame you for their poor choices.   Have a great Sunday...

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