Friday, March 02, 2012

There Is No Place Like Home.....

This week in both my Women in Literature class and on my Home Town Site on Face book, two questions were asked both were very similar I felt.

The first was regarding my home town and what I remember that I loved about it. To give you a quick thumbnail sketch, I grew up in a small town in north jersey called Midland Park.  My grandfather used to call it God’s square mile, because I believe it was roughly 1 square mile. He also called it a few other choice phrases but we wont get into that now.

It reminded me of what I had that my kids do not.  We could actually walk to elementary, middle, and high school. Both of my grandparents lived in town and grew up in town as well. You could walk to the movies, grocery store, Friendly’s or the Diner. We were allowed to walk to our friend’s house, and would think nothing of drinking from a garden hose on a hut summer’s day.

I miss the simplicity of those days, of being honestly tired from playing at the end of the day. Knowing if you where disrespectful to a grown up you would get your butt whooped by your parents and would then have to apologize. There was a level of honesty and decency, which is just gone today.  We made up games instead of playing video games, MTV was broadcasted for the first time on TV, and we all rushed home to see it.

The police new your parents, and there where two truancy officers Mrs. Demiano, and Mrs. Volo and they new you by name. 

In my Women’s Lit Class our question for Discussion was, did we feel the character in the story disregard the traditions and values of where she came from. The story by the way is called “This is Lagos” by FLORA NWAPA (1931)
I hope you can see where I am going with this; she in fact starts as a respectful young woman who is generally thought of as a good girl.  As she starts to work in the big city as a teacher, she starts to distance herself from her family, by not returning home to see them. She then later goes on to marrying a man without her family’s blessing or consent.

I found this interesting because even though the story is older, the theme is still relevant today.

Too many people today push away the traditions and value’s we learned from our parents.  We lose as individuals and as Americans, because of this. One of the things that make other cultures so much stronger than us is that they hold on to that family unit, it makes them stronger as a whole, because they actively support one another.  With children and siblings moving to other states, or countries and losing touch, we have lost some of those things that make us who we are as people.

I hope you will take a moment and comment on what you think.  Do you agree or disagree and why? 

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