Monday, March 05, 2012

Countdown To Thursday!!!

Today is set up my week day. I write out my schedule for the week and figure my time-lines for what I need to have done for whom and by when.  I am excited because Thursday, is the Philadelphia International Flower Show and I am going.  Yes, I’m a flower geek. I love them and always have each year we plant our garden, and flower beds.I am always adding to my perennial beds something new from the flower show.

It runs Sunday March 4 - March 11 from 8a.m.-9:30p.m. most nights.

 This year’s theme; “Hawaii Islands of Aloha.”  The orchids alone make it well worth the visit.  Tickets for adults are $27 and students $20.  It really is a great trip. The people who put this event together put a tremendous amount of time and money into making it a beautiful and memorable event.
      All of the proceeds from the show go to benefit the Pennsylvania Horticultural society.  They are also the oldest running indoor flower show going.
     So if you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware its worth the trip and the ticket. There is also a great market across the street where you can get the best-corned beef or turkey sandwich around.

See I told you I was excited. So I have to get the bulk of my homework out of the way before Thursday. Should be an interesting week.

You can click on either of these links to find out more information about it.

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