Friday, March 23, 2012


Discrimination still in America

In this age we live in of political correctness, of being afraid to hurt anyone’s feeling or upset the gender or racial apple cart we have turned ourselves into a bunch of politically correct NINNY’S … Watching a show doesn’t make you insensitive to others, acting in ignorance based on what we see or learn is when we cross the line. 
It amazes me that today after all, of the fighting that went on for Civil Rights by men of Honor like Martin Luther King there are still people who don’t get it.  I think he would probably be appalled to see what has become of his dream.  The equality he fought so hard for has been divided by overzealous extremists who want to keep that racial or religious separateness alive and well. 

When we stop making exclusive clubs, stop pointing fingers, stop talking about what is or isn’t fair, who is or isn’t being discriminated against, then and only then will  we live in a world that is based on equality.  Native Americans, Jewish Holocaust Survivors, African Americans, Muslims, Christians, Buddhist when we stop crying out over our differences or what we feel are the worlds shortcomings to us and our group only then will we have equality.  Only when people start to realize that first, we are all Americans, and this country was based on the concept of a Melting Pot, where cultures melded and traditions from all became mingled to make Americans.  

No one says give up your traditions, or give up your culture, but open up your mind.  What is most shocking to me is some of the major culprits of this kind of discrimination I am talking about are people in actual power.  Sad that educated Americans heard what they wanted to.  

America is based on a single history, some good some bad but it is all of ours.  In Egypt the Jews where slaves, in early America Africans where slaves, debtors of mixed decent where indentured,Native Americans were displaced, Women where Repressed, Armenians where almost whipped out by the Turks and during World War II Japanese Americans Where taken to camps.  

The truth is every culture has had some kind of persecution or repression. Oppression is only a part of our reality today if we don’t learn to move on and live our lives side by side as Americans.Then when will we?

 I'm an American, I'm of mixed descent, with many traditions, but frankly that doesn't make me who I am, its they people who raised me, the values I learned and the respect I was taught to have for others. That's what an American is to me. 

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