Sunday, March 04, 2012

What is Family Day???

     In our house every Sunday is “Family Day.” This is something that Tom and I started for us.  With everyone’s schedules so busy it is the one day a week we all have breakfast together, do chores housework, and sit down to a traditional family dinner.  Sometimes we have extra people at our table, but at times it is just us.  
      There is no hard and fast rule for what we do just a list of what needs to be taken care of and everyone is supposed to pitch in and help out. It’s one of the few days during the week, I actually get to sit down and see my mom, and share a cup of tea or coffee and just talk. Or talk to Tom and not feel like we are rushing in different directions.
      This week there was no sneaking out to estate sales, because we had the grand-baby, which was fine.  It’s a day when we remember why we wanted to be parents.  There is silliness and laughter, one on one time, and listening to what others have to say.  It is a catch up time for us as a family.

 With school it makes it a little hard because after dinner instead of going and sitting on the couch I am here finishing up assignments for the week and turning them in. Tom doesn’t always understand, but he is always supportive of me and that is what counts. I put a lot of time into what I am doing right now, I want to do well and get the most from it. In addition, when you add in the time for homework with our youngest, cooking dinners, taking care of the eBay stuff, house work, dogs, letting my mom’s dogs out during the week, and the dreaded laundry, it can get very hard to make that time for us. Even though, sometimes it means finishing my homework at 12a.m. so I can grab an hour or two with Tom,when the kids are in bed. It is a small price to pay when you consider how big this mans heart really is. 

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