Sunday, April 01, 2012

Women about Women Why should we care?

You can thank my Women In Literature class for today’s post. Why should we care about women.  How, others and we see ourselves  is important. 

 One of the things that has always puzzled me is that we know historically women have been repressed, discriminated against , used and held up to unrealistic ideals both by men and our society. Yet there are stories, about strong women throughout history of courage, strength, and honor. 

As women, I think we fail each other.  When we judge each other on appearance, whom we are with, and even when we steal men from each other.  We let ourselves and other women down.  When we snipe and make biting comments, we are hurting ourselves and more importantly selling ourselves short. 

Most men have a code of silence, they will go out of their way to protect each other and cover for one another.  Yet as women, we think nothing of attacking another woman if it will help our own self-esteem.  Wake up ladies, is this really the way to feel good about who you are? 

 We talk about honor among thieves yet there does not seem to be honor among women.  Maybe it is a sign of the times, or maybe we do not want to see what we know is right and wrong.  Only by standing side by side, supporting each other first, we can move forward as a whole. 
 I have heard women complain about the unfairness of wages that still exist, or being looked down on when we step outside those areas that are zoned as woman specific professions.  Yet many women who do get into positions of power are even harder on women then on men.

The choices we make today on how we treat each other will affect our daughters and their daughters.  Women are police officers, soldiers, we have come so far yet on the most basic levels of loyalty and solidarity to each other we drop the ball. 

Each of us has the power and ability to stop and change the way we react, the way we treat others and what we will turn a blind eye to. To hold ourselves and others to a higher standard as human beings.

We are the only ones who can change how we are seen in the world we live in. One woman at a time. We are strong and capable, of anything and history has proven this again and again. 

Next time you see a woman give her your support, pass it on.  Maybe it will catch.  After all wouldn’t it be better to know someone has your back, in a good way.

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