Friday, March 09, 2012

Why Weekends are Important

There is something about knowing; it's Friday that just makes the day great.  Is it the anticipation of the weekend to come?  Maybe it’s seeing the grandkids.  Whatever it is, millions of people do it, count down those minutes until the weekend begins.

When it does, it is as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders.  We sing in the car on the ride home.  People tend to be a little more patient with others.  Our moods lighten up dramatically; no boss, no school just whatever you make your two days off into.  Weekends are important, it’s when families get to catch up with each other,have breakfast, go to church, catch a game, go to the movies, or take a walk in the park.

It’s when young people go out with their friends and we get to take off our professional hat.  We get to be ourselves, that other person who is goofy and funny and knows how to laugh.  Sometimes it’s just curling up with a great book, or sleeping in until we feel like joining the rest of the world.

One of the things I hated the most about retail was not having the weekends off; you get to see people coming in about their business relaxed and happy.  Doing projects and you’re stuck and usually exhausted by the end of the weekend.

  I am always nicer to people who have to work on the weekend now, because I get just how much it really stinks.  So if you go out this weekend, to breakfast or dinner, to the movies or hardware store, think about the person who is still working and be a little nicer.  Smile say thanks, and be polite, pass that good feeling you have forward, because it does make a difference.

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