Friday, April 27, 2012

Beautiful Ugly Babies

 My Bulldogs are my babies, I spoil them, cater to them and love them like nothing else. Annabelle is getting bigger now and almost the same size as Gunny. What is interesting about having two is they don’t play like most dogs, and I say this from having grown up with labs mutts and other breeds my whole life.  They will sneak attack each other, body check, steal socks and each others blankets and push each other out of the way like two little children.  There is no subtlety with either of them.  There is something so special about this bread for me I don’t know how I ever did without their beautiful ugly faces. Tom calls them his, "ugly babies" with affection, and there little nubs start wagging. 
Gunny was our first bulldog and she is my baby, she looks out the window when I go out, and will lie down and wait watching the door until I return.  That is of course unless she decides its naptime, then it is a long sprawl across the couch by both until mommy gets home. 
Max and Gunny
 Annabelle is more mischievous and it shows all the time, last week she tried to eat Toms new sneakers which didn’t go over well with him especially since she managed to chew off the whole toe of one shoe before we caught her. She jumps up on you when she wants your attention, and farts like a man whose had beer and hard-boiled eggs.  PEW!!  Trust me do not get down-wind. 

They are extremely loving and affectionate, and will sit by you for hours if you let them.  We took a nap the other day, just the two girls and me for about an hour and the where so happy you would think I made there day. Gunny snuggles right up close trying to steal my pillow, and Annabelle will sprawl across my legs.
At night they do not have a regular doggie bed, “Oh no, that wouldn’t do.”  They tore up every doggie bed we bought.  But I finally came up with the idea to give them a couch seat cushion and we now have no more bed chewing.  No more surprises, torn up all over my floor, just sleepy puppies snoring away. 
They love anyone and everyone, although they are still big chickens when they meet new people. They keep us all busy, and love all attention especially if its belly scratching time.  These charming ladies can always make me laugh, and smile, whether they are trying to push Max, off the steps outside, or tearing around my kitchen playing over  who has the bone. 
When she makes her noises she sound like the creature from predator, and I think looks a little like him too. 
Gunny on a Bad Hair Day

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