Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coffee Part II

I would come in and we would have to decide just what we wanted to brew first that day.  Rich Costa Rican medium roasted or dark, or Papa New Guinea, roasted dark either way we would sample new blends all the time. I came home smelling like coffee, my kids would hug me and just smell me.  On any given day I was up to my elbows in the lovely beans that where roasted all day long to keep up with the demand.

This was truly one of the few times in my life I was able to take a job, just because I wanted to and I treasured every moment of the experience.  I learned that depending on how the beans are roasted does really make a difference in the flavor of the coffee. That the flavors, added on the beans is shaken on the whole beans to make Hazelnut, snicker doodle, or mocha.  

My favorite is Viennese with Cinnamon; the whole beans are shaken in a rich fragrant cinnamon that coats the beans.  When you then grind them and drink the coffee it is soothing and warm, perfect for at night or in the early morning. 

Coffee lovers are usually meticulous, we like certain blends, and we know when it isn’t what we like.  Several years ago I was able to go to Seattle Washington, and coffee is an art out there.  We run into Starbucks here and order coffee but it is thrown together, out there when you order a cup of coffee there is pride in every cup.  

Whether it is an unknown bistro or a big chain retailer, they know their coffee.  How to make and brew it to delight the sense is there gift.   

So whether you drink it black, with cream and sugar, or with a flavored creamer it is one of the few delicacies that many of us share. So when you go and make that first cup in the morning sit back close your eyes and let the flavor drift into every pore of your being. Take a moment and enjoy it. It is the best wake up in the world and can make or break your day.  

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