Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coffee Why We Love It…

Remember the first cup of coffee  you had?  
Mine was late at night.  My friends and I had stopped off at a local diner after a night out, and the waitress said they didn’t have tea.  I can remember being dead tired and cold, and wanting something to warm me up.  So I took a chance and ordered a cup of coffee, one sugar and cream and it was love at first taste. 

I had always loved the smell of coffee brewing.  As a kid I  remember the smell of fresh percolating coffee at my grandparents house on Saturday mornings when I would sleep over.  That wonderful smell is still one of my favorites.

From then on coffee became a real part of my life, I will drink two or three cups in  the morning. Please, don’t even think of talking to me until I have had my first cup. (It isn’t pretty) Right now I have a cup of coffee at my elbow that I will drink while I work. 

Several years ago I had a wonderful opportunity to briefly (my hiatus job) go and work for a local coffee roaster Longview Coffee and Tea Company. Not only was I incredibly impressed with Andrew the owner, you could tell he loved coffee and was passionate about what he was doing. 

 I learned more in the 6 months I worked for his company about coffee then you could imagine. It was also the most wonderful and enjoyable time I have ever had working for anyone. 

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