Friday, April 13, 2012

Common Sense Is A Dirty Word

Why is Common Sense a Dirty Word

What happened to common sense? At times it seems everywhere I look its missing, in the work place, at home with our kids, when we drive.

Many of our ancestors had to use their common sense every day, it was frankly a matter of survival. Today however we seem to be going further and further from that point. It is something I am constantly amazed by because it only involves thinking for one’s self. Like tying your shoes, you know if you don’t the odds are you will trip and fall.

I’ve met some pretty smart people nurses, business men, lawyers who were so book smart it was scary yet they didn't have a drop of common sense. 
It used to kill me to watch machine operators who can’t seem to figure out what working smart or working safe means.  
When I was at the big orange box, the standing joke was “common sense was a dirty word.”  We would all be amazed by how ridiculous some of the edicts that came down from some pencil pusher in corporate would actually be.  An example would be no bringing product into the store during peak sales hours.  This is great in theory, but when customers are cleaning out your shelf, you need to refill it for other customers.  Yet there were still some brainiac’s who were adamant that NO, NO, this is the policy and what we must do. That is until they had a screaming customer in their face wanting the product that should have been in that hole.   
really stupid

bet he wont do that again

You can also frequently see it while driving on the road, people who stop in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic when there is no place to turn.  REALLY?  On the other hand, pedestrians who just walk in front of cars without looking, you should not be able to sue for being stupid.  

Maybe it should be, “Well that was stupid on your part now go live with it.”  “and no we aren’t giving you money for being dumb.”
  Maybe that is part of the problem, things we knew better then to do as kids we now have actual laws, and postings telling us it’s at our own risk or not to do it. Is't that a little over-kill?
  Take a skating rink, there are always signs posted SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK, or WARNING BE CAREFUL OF OBJECTS ON THE FLOOR.  You are at a skating rink choosing to skate why should it be someone else’s fault because you fell. 
If you stick something, you’re not supposed to in a Jacuzzi hole you’re not using the common sense god gave a flea.  You deserve what you get for being stupid. My grown kids are all about don’t drink the tap water, “It’s not good for you.”  No one ever died from drinking tap water, I still do, I drank from a garden hose as a kid on hot summer days, because I knew it was crisp and cold and I could go back to playing. 
pearls of wisdom
As people we have become a society that is unable to think and that’s sad.  George Carlin said, Common sense was natural selection.  I do not think he was too far off the mark. Use the brains the good lord gave you. Just because the internet gives you 5 different ways to bake a cake it doesn’t mean  that it’s the absolute right way to do it. 

You were born with a brain perhaps it is time to take it out of the box and begin using it.

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