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Growing Up In The 80's Why it Was So Great

Why Growing Up in The 80’s Was Great
      Growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s was great.  We got to go roller skating on weekends and no one was worried about being sued.  We had some of the best music to listen to, from Led Zeppelin, Cheap Trick, Squeeze, Eric Clapton,Van Halen, 38 Special, Billy Joel, Bob Segar, Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and a whole bunch more. 

     It was rock, not rap, and guys didn’t have their pants hanging past their underwear. (What’s with that?  I really do not want to see someone’s butt in his underwear.)  Guys either were preppy or wore flannel shirts tee shirts, jeans, and work boots. 
So not attractive
Oh the good old days, girls weren't hoe’s, and guys weren't gangsta’s. We also knew how to respect our parents, and teachers or get our mouths washed out with soap or a butt whooping.  If you lived in New Jersey, many of the girls had big hair, and tight jeans depending on where you lived.  Many of us in Midland Park did skip the big hair, although looking back it wasn’t flat either.  Softball, baseball, and football at least for our town seemed to be the sports of the day. 

By High School, we all seemed to go into separate groups, some changing course completely, while others took the slow and steady path.  Yes, there were bullies. Often an older sibling, principal, or at times even our fellow classmates dealt with, them. It was not like today, where a parent or student felt like it was ok to stalk and harass someone because they did not like them. 

For being only about 20 minutes from New York City, we were in many ways still small town.  Most of the cops new your mom and dad, and would stop at the house if you were getting into trouble. The truant officers (we had two), new you by name and you walked to school unless you lived the next town over. 
Everyone came out for the Thanksgiving football games between Waldwick and Midland Park, and dressing up for the first day of school didn’t mean wearing a dress that made you look like a centerfold from playboy and I don’t remember anyone’s parents buying them a BMW or Mercedes for a first car. 
I look at my kids and fell blessed that I grew up when I did.  I do not envy them their time, it’s hard and people are crueler than ever before, as you can see any time you turn on the TV.  The world is not the same as it was then, and we were all very lucky, to have many of the freedoms we did get to enjoy. 
Like riding down Vreeland Ave on a bike and being able, to feel the wind in your hair, on a hot summer day, or walking to Friendly’s for lunch with friends. 
Our music was music, and  we got to be kids. If I could change anything it would be to let my kids have that, that small window of small town crazy, normalcy that was our lives. 

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