Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is It Monday Yet????

Have you ever been so tired you felt like you could sleep on your feet?  That’s me now.  The garage sale is finally over, (thank God no rain until tonight) and my lovely teething grandson is now home in his own bed.
 Was it successful yes, mission accomplished. I managed to unload some things I had picked up and had been holding onto for some reason.  Why do we do that, pick up things we know we do not have time to refinish or really use? 

For me at least I think it’s part of the love of antiques. I love to find a bargain, or something old. It seems there are more and more of us doing that also, maybe that is just part of surviving in this economy. Either way I would rather be doing things I love with my life then miserable doing something I hate. 

Don’t you hate when you go into a restaurant, or convenience store to get something and the person at the counter just oozes their unhappiness in their job. I’ve always felt that when you hit that point it was time to move on and find something new. It didn’t matter how much I was making at it, if I was unhappy, it wasn’t worth it. Here is why, when you are not happy you spread that to others.  You get testy, impatient, and sometime even rude. So please if your reading this and you hate what you’re doing, start looking for another job, I really don’t want to have my day ruined because your pissed at the world. 

Sometimes we have to take what we can get, but that doesn’t mean settle in there and just be unhappy.  It’s a stepping stone, a brief stop on your way to something better that will make you happy.  Only you can get you there.

I love what I’m doing now, am I exhausted yes, sometimes especially tonight.  Happy, most definitely always without a doubt or question. I am ready for Monday when the kids go back to school and I can have some peace and quiet, not that I don’t love them all, but I seem to work harder on weekends then I do all week. 

There’s no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love.  There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen

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