Thursday, April 26, 2012

It is National Take Your Child to Work Day, Do You Know Where Your Child is?

National “Take Your Child to Work Day” seems to have lost some steam over the years.  Every fourth Thursday in April since its inception in 1993 has been the day. Originally a day to bring your daughter to work it has evolved to include sons. What is surprising is that many school districts and companies don’t want parents taking their kids to work, and they will list a laundry list of reasons why not to.  From standardized testing to claims that it will adversely affect their learning capabilities.  
That seems kind of sad, since showing our kids what we do, that we have real jobs, and responsibilities is a good tool to set a good example and goals for them. Fortunately, there are still companies that will allow and participate in helping to educate children about what working is.  
I worked for a big box retailer several years ago and at the time doing a desk job,and I thought it would not be a problem.  It was a problem, and I was advised that company policy was no “because it was a dangerous environment for children,” which is somewhat silly since not only did kids come into the store but had activities there once a month just for them.  It is not only giving back, but is also good public relations to participate, one would think this mega-company would get that.
My kids were disappointed and came to eventually resent where I worked, as a not kid friendly place. People seem to forget that these little people will be potential employees down the road, and they just may turn their back on a company for being “not family friendly.” 
Children need to understand where we go when we leave for work.  That work isn’t a bad thing, but a necessary part of life. We are their examples of what grownups should be.  This event can have long lasting effects on kids, and inspire them to follow in parents footsteps, or to improve on something they saw, later on as adults. 
So for the companies out there that don’t participate, shame on you. Your too big for your britches and must have forgotten that you have people with lives working for you. For the companies that do, GOOD JOB, by sharing you’re putting a light into a child’s eyes and letting them learn a valuable lesson, that they may take with them for life.  If you are a mother or father, sharing a part of who you are with them is important, kids will appreciate and remember it for years to come. 

Our job as parents is to inspire, and teach our kids, we want them to grow up and be, productive human beings.  “Take Your Child to Work Day” is about connecting with your child in a different way and putting that fire in their eyes to reach for the stars.

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