Monday, April 02, 2012

JT's A Bagel Lovers Must.....

There are bagels and then there are JT’s Bagels 

There are few things a New Jersey resident, loves more than a great Bagels for breakfast. The bagel has to be large soft inside and slightly crisp outside.  These bagels are world class and they have been named best bagels in ocean county several times which can be seen on the wall by the registers.  Located on Lacey Road in Forked River, they are close to the Route 74 exit on the parkway and will often have travelers who know stop in on their way to or from AC.  

This little shop can have a line going out the door on any given weekend in the summer, and locals know to get your bagels early or you could miss out. 

John and Terri care about what they are doing and it shows in the delicious bagels they produce fresh daily.  Pork-roll egg and cheese is only one of the many items offered at this local hot spot.  There Pizza bagel is in a class by itself, as are there cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, and French toast bagels.  There delicious cream cheese spreads, veggie, maple raisin, halapino,and lox and cream cheese mix are mixed fresh weekly and will often sell out during the Sunday morning rush.  

Try a cheddar bagel with veggie cream cheese, tomato and bacon with melted cheese on it, decadent yes, but mouth watering delicious is what it is.  If you are, on the go, this is a great place to stop and their prices are reasonable.  

Also available for sale they have a great selection of muffins that are moist and fresh for those who do not like bagels.  The bagels are self-serve and for each dozen you get two bagels free.  On weekends people are jockeying to grab their bagels from the bins, this is a great option because you get to pick the bagels you want whether you like them soft or firmer.

No bagel goes to waste; one of the nicer things 
John and Terri do is donate bagels left at the end of the day to local shelters and church organizations.  This spirit of giving back is only part of what makes them so successful.  The lively college students often working the grill or registers on weekends helps to keep it fresh and 

Mary is always there during the week to take your order.  Specialty orders are not a problem, if you want an egg-white omelet on your bagel, or egg substitute they will make it. If you just want to grab a cup of coffee and a bagel and hang out in the morning, reading your paper this is one of the better places to go.  John is friendly and will say’s hello to his customers making it completely enjoyable to stop in. 

JT’s is located at 918 Lacey Road Forked River NJ 08731 and their hours of operation are 5:30-1:00p.m., seven days a week. They accept most credit cards and can be found on face book. 

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