Monday, April 23, 2012

Letting Go Of Our Kids What It Means As A Parent

Letting Go

It’s not always easy watching our kids grow up.  We cherish them and nurture them when they are small.  Fixing their booboo’s and chasing the monsters out of the closet.  From soccer games, to ballet, and track you know you were there, always cheering them on from the side.  As they slowly become young men and women.There is a part of us, each that wants to hold on to the child that our children were. 
Chicken Pox times 2
I think as a parent, it is one of the hardest lessons to learn.  When is the right time, how old should they be?  They do not give you a manual when you have a baby on how to raise them. 
 The truth is most of us unless we have a degree in early childhood development or  psychology  are learning on the go. It is a big dash of common sense, and listening to your parents because by now you know they did get it right. 

Those perfect moments.
My youngest is now 18; soon to be 19 and I find myself far sadder about her growing up then my others.  It isn’t because I love her more, I love them all the same, it’s because I know a chapter of my life is coming to a close. 

Soon she will be going out on her own to follow her dreams and I am happy for her. I know that as parent I have done my job, and shown her how to be a good person, how to stand up for herself, and respect herself.  It isn’t rocket science and we all make mistakes, sometimes it even means letting them fall. 
So whether your just starting out intending to prove to the world that you’re a better parent then your parents were or if you’re on the verge of letting go.  It is a gift, that goes by so fast, cherish it!
5 generations
Cherish it for all your worth, and never take them for granted. No matter how mad they may make you as they learn to stretch their wings, they are your legacy to the world, your gift.  
Let them fly and let them go, they will come back and remember little by little the many little things you taught them if they don’t already know. You've already done the hard part now it’s time to sit back and live your own life and let them live theirs. 
Its all in a moment.

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