Saturday, April 07, 2012

Marriage at 45

Yesterday I was mobile, looking at wedding gowns with my daughter and best friend Sandy.  It’s funny the first time around I made my own wedding gown.  I was young , naive, and I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. 

Its easy now in hindsight to see I was making a mistake, and I was.  Here’s a little clue for anyone young or old getting married.  If you pull up in the limo to your wedding and your first instinct is to open the door and run like hell.  You are probably making a big mistake.  

Now I am not going to start ex bashing, because I would not have the two beautiful daughters I do, had I run.  So understand it is a choice!  I realize that the tears and heartache where worth the gift of my girls.

Today, at 45 I have been cautious, carefully making sure the fit is right.  It is not easy, to find the right person.  I have noticed a few important differences this time around that I would like to share.  
To begin with I feel like I am home, and complete with Tom.  He really is unlike anyone else and anyone who knows him knows what I mean.
 We see each other for who we really are.  Unsightly pimples, farts, and bad breath that are part of whom each of us is in private.  When its right your OK letting that person see you as you are, no make-up, head hanging in the toilet when you are sick because you realize that they love you as much as you do them. 

It is knowing, it is ok to get annoyed with them or laugh your head off when they make a joke.  When they still find you sexy and lovable even when your hair is standing up on end, in the morning and you are glaring at them from your pillow because your not quit awake yet and cant decide whether to kill them or ignore them.

Why is this important, well I will tell you.  As we went through the rigmarole of trying on dress after dress, it mattered.  When I finally tried on that one, that everyone said, “Awe” I looked in the mirror, and cried because I know, with this man it is right.

In my head and my heart, it was important to me.  We all cried, like little girls and that was OK.  I am so thankful for the man who has brought laughter, chaos, and peace back into my world.The one who gets me and loves me as I am.

 Thank you Thomas you are my love and my light… grizzly bear.

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