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Medical Marijuana Should it Be Legal?

Should It Be Used Medicinally ?

Whatever name we use marijuana is still the same. Yet it seems to be one of the most controversial drugs out there. Should it be legal? 

That’s not for me to say, but here are some facts that many people may not actually know. Back in 1972 cannabis was placed on the Schedule I of controlled substance act because “it has no accepted medical use.”  Yet today we know it’s been successfully used to treat, everything from nausea from chemotherapy, to pain management for terminal patients, as well as treating a whole list of diseases.  
Grew Cannabis 

Thomas Jefferson grew hemp as one of his regular crops, so we know it’s been around and used for a very long time. I don’t recall ever reading that our forefather’s were a bunch of potheads. 
Here is my question, if we know something works, has minimal side effects why wouldn’t you use it?  One reason is that if you used cannabis to help treat illness you wouldn’t need all the expensive drugs the pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars from.  Hmmmm. 
Many argue that pot is addictive, and leads to use of heavier drugs.  I disagree with that statement; people who have addictive personalities are going to be hooked on something if they allow themselves.  It is genetic; some people are predisposed for it to happen.  

 2009, there were
10,839 fatalities 
related to drunk driving 
There are far more addictive things out there that cause more damage socially and personally such as alcohol abuse, Oxycontin, meth-antiphetamines most if not all of the prescribed pain medications have a label warning to not drive heavy equipment, and some of the sedatives we put our children on for ADHD are even more addictive and have worse side effects. 
production is stringently

All this stupidity over legalizing medicinal marijuana is  ridiculous, there is so much supervision, and monitoring for every step of production and dispensing of it that many of the arguments fall down. Melissa Etheridge, said, that many of the pharmaceutical medications especially for treating cancer, have side effects, you then get a prescription to treat the side effects, and then you need something to treat the side effects of that medicine, so before long your taking 10 to 15 medications, which weaken the body. When she switched to marijuana, she went down to one pill, to manage her chemo. 

For or against, it seems pretty silly to keep putting money into the hands of the pharmaceutical companies when there are natural and safer option. That is the point though it should be an option, its already in our world and society is stubbornly keeping it a crime because the federal government back in 1972 decided it had no medical use. 

Yet we will waste time and money arguing over its becoming legal, but I don't see anyone arguing over whether pharmaceutical drugs should be legal.  Even though many of the drugs that get approved can even cause death. 

Isn't that a bit of the pot calling the kettle black?

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