Saturday, April 07, 2012

Share your Easter

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Every Easter we all get together for dinner, and family time. Whether you go to church, have family festivities, or go to work, it is a good day to stop and take a breath.  I am not an overly religious person but I do not knock those who are or those who are not. 

Our tradition is a coloring eggs and having a nice dinner. It is who we are and what we do. I will often share our table with others who do not have someone to spend it with. So if you are doing something similar, reach out, share your time, and table with someone who may need the company today. 
Photo from the Last Easter
with Grandma, over 50 years
of dedication to coloring
eggs with her grand-kids and great-grand-kids.

So, whether your Easter is about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ or it is just a family day to catch a movie or spend time with each other.  Have a safe and Happy Easter. I know I will.  Thank you

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