Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Grow Up! You Are a Pain In the Butt……

Yes its Pain in the Butt Day.
 Today is rant day so fasten your seat-belts
No matter where you go or how nice you may be there is always that person who is a huge pain in the butt.  I used to think it was just me, but no, they really are just made that way.  Who am I talking about; those people who cause a fuss in line at the store over twenty-five cents, who bring coupons that are expired, and then get mad when the cashier cannot take them.  
They will pick at you asking you favor after favor until you feel like breaking something preferably over their heads.  But no!  We are all taught to take the high road, (Turn the Other Cheek) and be a nice person.  I do not think they meant let them annoy the world with their endless nonsense.
I truly hate people who cannot figure things out for themselves, occasionally is fine but not all the time.  The good lord did not put me here to carry you on my back, solve your problems,  nor was I placed here listen to your constant complaining. 
I have known people who raised their children, men who were good dads who took care of their kids and even there ex wives (oddly enough never complaining). I even have known people who would cut off their right arm to just see their kids and cant because of a vindictive ex spouse.  So, when I hear about a parent who is such a self-centered twit that they do not feel like they should help there kids out once in a while it really irks me. 
It would be one thing if you were financially strapped, or if the kids did not have a relationship with you, but come on already grow up.  Be the grown up, not the 20 year old your not.  
This statement applies to some of the women out there who behave the same way. If you have hit 40 you can’t be a cheerleader anymore, so please stop dressing like one.  When you act like that, you shame your kids, who can see what you are trying to do and even their friends see you differently.  You embarrass yourself because you are not 20. Really, no one thinks you are anymore, put away the mini skirt and skin tight tops you can still be beautiful and dress your age.
  You guys act and dress your age, please!! Beer bellies and man boobs aren’t sexy when there exposed all the time, and no offense but ponytails don’t look good on most older men, (this rule of course leaves out rednecks, and only a few really hot over 40  guys and odds are your not in that group).
No not yummy.
Yes yummy exception.
  Get over yourself and join the human race, it is actually cool growing up.  It is great to be able to have a conversation with someone who knows what you mean when you say, "you really liked The Doors, Squeeze or even Dick Clark." Their eyes don’t glaze over as a 20 somethings will  as they give you that look as if you are from Pluto never mind Mars. 

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