Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sometimes Life is Messy

Today more than ever, there seems to be a bigger gap between families. What does the word (family) actually mean any more?  
Movies, show us young couples not getting along with the families they have, or staying distant from them.  For me that seems like such a sad waste of time.

 Our individual history, passed down from generation to generation is the greatest gift we get from our loved ones. We are allowed to be different, to have our own point of view but we still need each other.  Somewhere we have lost the ability to cherish what matters most. 

Kids are not throw away, we don’t get to trade them in because we have a new husband or wife. You’re the adults, it’s your responsibility to keep that bond with them and keep it strong and (honest).  
I find myself getting very angry when I hear about kids that have to grow up this way.  Because I know that deep down our generation is a big part of the problem.  We have bought into the selfish I/Me mentality that some screwed up part of our life has shown us. There is no justification for throwing out your kids; you made them it is your job to help raise them.  

Stop with the excuses already, because they really are getting old. Or as my granddad always said, “Keep it in your pants unless your willing to pay the price!”
"We're so much more."

People choose to turn their backs on family for all sorts of imagined and sometimes real reasons. Who loses then?  I spent over ten years taking care of geriatric patients in a nursing home, and for a lucky few their families came in visited and looked after them. On the other hand, though, there were many who had no one, and there only interaction was the staff on hand. 

Yes this is something I feel passionately about, so if your living in denial or pretending that its everyone else fault you don’t see your family, then WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!! 

Get a good therapist, (NOT A PARROT) who will tell you what you want, and work it out. 

Here is some tough love, if you have kids spend time with them, even if its talking one on one they need your love. If you have parents who are old, for god’s sake take care of them, “THEY TOOK CARE OF YOU.” And if you’re in that in between where your parents are around, then stay in touch, get together for lunch once in a while, go shopping be there for someone besides yourself. 

Because Karma will put what your dishing out right back on your door. There is no sadder sight then an old man or woman sitting alone in a nursing home looking out the window for someone who isn’t ever coming. 


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