Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank You ....Finding My Way

 Finding My Way
Every day I find something good to focus on, it is not hard when you love life the way that I do.  Or when your blessed with the people I have supporting me in mine.  For today life was busy, I spent most of my day on the computer working on papers for school.  What I am thankful for it Tom and the kids who stepped in cleaned up and cooked lunch and dinner, so I could work on my papers. 
Juggling isn’t always easy, and at 45 I do get tired sometimes of being everyone’s go to person.  What is nice though is I do not have to ask, it is not a fight or a struggle, it is just a matter of doing. So today’s blog is for my family, Tom, Chrissy, Jesse and even my mom and dad who stopped in for dessert and brought homemade brownies tonight.  Thank you all for being the special wonderful people you are. 

If I could share anything, it would be the importance of saying thank you and not taking the people in your life for granted.  I know it’s easy to forget with how busy life can be at times, but if you have someone in your life who does for you, and takes care of you, take a moment and let them have some time while you take care of them. 
 I can tell you it is the most precious gift anyone has ever given me. Because it lets me know just how much they care.  That my family respect my needs as a person and me as well.

  There is no witty quote or smart words today, just a simple thank you.

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