Monday, April 30, 2012

Unemployment, Where We Are Headed

8.2% or 12.7 million
people out of work

Every day the ongoing theme I keep hearing  about are people who are out of work. When turning on the radio it is hard to miss the people who regularly, say they are out of work and trying to find a job.  The truth is the job market is still tough, even though there are jobs out there there are even more thirty to forty something people who are out of work.  All too often older workers are passed up for someone much younger, who employers can pay less because they do not have the job experience you may have.
 If you are one of the fortunate collecting unemployment it can be hard for many to give up the steady check for one that pay’s a lot less.  Do not take this as permission to complain about how unfair the system is or to needlessly collect when you could be working.  At times, it may seem unfair or blind to the fact that people have families to take care of.  It is a reality, which to many are dealing with.  Although your personal situation may be bad, there really is someone who is worse off. 
The White House seems to be in denial about the true numbers of people out of work whose unemployment has run out and are still looking for work.  
Many have been forced to become creative to bring income to the households while they look, by scrapping for metal, selling on EBay, or even selling items at flea markets. I know because I do see them, first hand. The current statistics put it at 8.2% that is over 12 million people, folks.  There is an even greater number, who are uncounted because of homelessness or who are beyond the point of collecting.
To sit back and claim that the economy is getting better is being irresponsible as a society.  There are just too many people floating around who are out of work and struggling.  The food banks are all too often taking care of more and more families, so if you have some items in your closet that you bought because it was on sale and aren’t going t use please donate them. 
The unemployment rate is real, so maybe it’s time to look at other options. Potential employers need to worry less about credit scores (this always amazes me because if you don’t have money the last thing a person worries about is there credit) and more about filling jobs with people who are qualified.
If your one of the many unemployed, keep your chin up and keep looking. It may be discouraging at times but it is only when you keep at it that things can fall into place. 

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