Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekends When Crazy is Beautiful

Gotta love him.

Weekends When Crazy is Beautiful

We went away for the weekend, just an over-nighter, but necessary just the same. After sneaking out to a garage sale I was home packing up the dogs and food for the weekend.  Sometimes that is the way it is, we need to take a break, unwind, and let our hair down.  There is always something going on at our house, and by getting away, we can escape even if it is only for a day.  Life is never boring when you surround yourself with people you love. 
So we packed up and hit the road, and went to a local camp-ground just far enough away where cell phones and laptops didn’t matter.  We all need to do that, it’s important for connecting and reconnecting with our families.  We took Gunny and Annabelle and took long relaxing walks, sat around and talked.(No campfires due to weather conditions)  We laughed at our kids, and at the grown kids who never seem to grow up.  I got to talk and spend time with my daughter, son, and Tom which means so much. 
are we there yet?
Sunday I knew we would come home, unpack and take some time to go celebrate a birthday with my brother-in-law Markie D. who is for all intents and purposes one of the family.  
relaxing and talking
Sometimes you have to be a little crazy in life.  You need to step outside of the box and laugh until you cry; it’s what makes every moment worthwhile. 
Saki Time

We need people to remind us that life can be silly, and that laughter is a blessing. My life is crazy beautiful and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

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