Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Happened to Our Rights As Americans

Very rarely will I recommend someone read anything, but Roger Pilon’s paper on “The Purpose and Limits of Government” truly does explain why we are in the boat we are in today.  When our forefathers sat down and began writing the Constitution, and later the Bill of Rights they were trying to avoid a government that was limiting and ignored the rights of its citizens. 
To quote the constitution, “That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.”What does that mean?People were supposed to be allowed to live freely, as they chose so long as it respected the rights of others.  In other words your moral, or life choices are yours to make and mine are mine. Yet sadly, today our country has run amok with laws that take away those rights.  It could even be said, (the right to be stupid in what we choose to do) no longer applies. 

 Your supposed to have a right to disagree but you shouldn't have the right to chose for me or make it a law just as I shouldn't have the right to do the same to you. That’s what my forefathers fought for, the right to get away from a big government, (England) and live freely not jump in the same boat.
Government was set up with checks and balances to safeguard against abuse of power.  Our government was not supposed to have the amount of power it does today. 

In fact most of that power they gained in 1936, when the courts basically changed the rules on the General Welfare Clause, which was set up to limit Congresses spending on local or general welfare issues.(Pilon)  In 1937, the courts gave them the power to spend as they saw fit and allowed them to police themselves.  We know how that has worked out; our government spends money worse than a shopping addict does.
The next big move that happened was regarding the Commerce Clause, again in 1937 congress gained the power to regulate anything that “affects” interstate commerce-(Pilon) in short it gave them the power to regulate pretty much everything. So when you see something that is Federally Regulated you know why. 
Our constitution was set up as an ideal, it was never meant to become the mega-monster it is today. We as American’s are the only ones who can fix it.  The freedoms we started out with we have sat by and waved as they have gone away one after another.  Anyone who is foolish enough to think it can’t get worse is kidding themselves. 
My question is when do we wake up?  When do we hit that point where we say enough is enough?  We each sit here paying our taxes while oil companies pay no taxes in this country, corporations are given million dollar tax breaks, and our own politicians get caught with their hands in the cookie jar more frequently than not.  

Do we really want  government to control everything from what foods, medicines, and what choices we aren’t allowed to make for ourselves?

Attributed quotes to: (CI & Roger Pilon)

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