Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cancer That Word That Makes People Squirm……

 Today cancer is not quit the demon it was ten, fifteen, or even twenty years ago. Yet it is still out there we have not beaten it yet. There are not many people who can say, it has not touched their life in one way or another.  There is so much research yet to be done, to find better ways to fight this disease.
 Cancer is still one of those words that can put terror in a person’s heart when a Doctor mentions it.  Our first instinct is to panic, and think of the worst-case scenario before our own rational kicks in and we ask the important questions.  What type it is and what is the best way to treat it.  No two patients with the same type of cancer will react in the same way to chemo, and radiation.  Statistically 1/3 of all women will face cancer at some point in their lives and ½ of all men. 
There is no more frightening wait then the wait after a biopsy.  You don’t want to talk about it because what if the test comes back negative.  All you can do is wait it out, jumping each time the phone rings.  Cancer is one of those things that will make a person rethink their life and how they live it. 
 A healthy lifestyle and good habits can contribute to prevention but more recently, studies have found that in fact it is our own genetics that makes some of us predisposed, for certain forms of cancer. 
We all want to support an important cause especially if it has affected us personally.  One way to help is through volunteering.  There are so many ways to help, driving a patient to and from treatment, volunteer to shop for someone you know who is going through this, volunteer to read or play games with patients at your local hospital . 
 For many of us, the idea of contributing is giving a dollar when someone asks, but why stop there.  Get involved give support by giving your time. It may be the greatest gift you can give to another human in need.  You may just be the extra push to fight, for someone special who feels alone. 
If each person gave just an hour or two of their time, it could make a world of difference and improve the chances of survival for someone else.  

We all too often forget those special people who give, when we go through crisis.  For me it was the wonderful people of Van Dyke Hospice through Community Medical Center.  Without there wonderful support we would not have made it through my grandmothers passing. 
We all need to be a little more like the people who give of themselves. 
 The reward of giving your time far outweighs the cost of what you are missing. 

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