Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Down But Not Out......
Have you ever noticed that when mom is down (sick) everything else seems to fall apart to some degree. Yes, I was down and out for the past 24 hours with the dreaded 24 hour bug, Montezuma's revenge, the 24 hour death. What ever it was the toilet bowl was my best friend and life as we all knew it stopped for over 24 hours.
As moms we don’t realize how important we are to our families, that they do count on us for all the little things they take for granted, like helping with homework, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, and putting things away. Not the most glamorous of jobs but important all the same. I come out of this experience with no voice, and ribs that feel like I went a round with Sugar Ray.

What has always been amazing to me, and I say this with the perspective of having been a kid thinking of my own mother. We really do take mom’s for granted, we expect them to always be there, always ready to take care of our problems, and make sure we have what we need.
I can't complain because when Tom came home from work, after making sure I was ok and of course grumbling a little. He then proceeded to do laundry, clean up the kitchen and fill in for me for the remainder of the night. As I watched I could see his frustration at times, but he really did pick up the slack and took care of business for me and never once complained.
As I am not a person who gets sick often this was a new experience for me and one of the many reasons why I adore him. He gets that it’s a partnership and that it does mean helping each other out at times. (No I didn’t have that the first time.) So if you have someone who is there for you hold onto them, and if you have a mom you love take a moment out of your day and just say thanks for all the things she does that you see and don’t see.

You shouldn’t have to wait for a holiday to say it. Moms are what make the world go round even though we may not want to admit it, they are there for us and patiently answer all our questions, help us when we need it and love us no matter what. 
So thanks mom you are my hero for all the things you do.

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