Monday, May 28, 2012

Final Thoughts on Memorial Day Weekend

Holidays Time For Family and Friends
Memorial Day for the people in our household holds a special meaning. In part because Tom was in the military for 25 years, and understands the deeper meaning behind remembering fallen comrades and friends. Secondly because he himself was injured while serving his country. So for myself and our family I am thankful he is here and alive today because it could have turned out very differently.
What makes this day special is getting to spend it with family and friends. Watching my grandsons first time in a pool with Tom beside me. Doing what we love to do, and sharing it with the wonderful people we care about. So for this year we went to our friend Sandy and Bills, and spent the Sunday barbecuing, swimming and enjoying the  day with good friends. Those relationships make a difference, especially when you know its real. There are some people that very easily become family as they are to us.  

Today we spent it more quietly going to the parade and working at home remembering in our own way. Being a civilian, it is very easy to miss just what our soldiers do for us, that for many instead of being here with family or at the beach they are away in foreign countries serving for us all.
Yes it is a life choice but one that builds strength and character for most of the men and women who gladly serve. For some it's a way of pulling their lives together and making a fresh start, for others it’s a stepping stone to a higher goal. The way I have always seen it was as an act of selfless love. These men and women have a dignity and bearing that is hard not to miss. Our Vets all to often come home and do have a hard time assimilating back into what we all consider normal. Truthfully most of us wouldn’t know what to do if someone fired artillery or guns at us. Many would be babbling idiots if in their place and that's OK.
It takes a certain kind of selfless courage to put your life on the line, and I say that in regard to our police, firefighters and military who do so all the time. There are so many ways to say thank you to our military one is to adopt a soldier, sending letters and care packages, another is to adopt a platoon, or donate to groups that support the families of our soldiers providing gifts at Christmas and that help them in times of need while a husband or wife may be overseas serving their country. It may not seem like much and in some ways it is not enough to repay them for what they do. 

I know that Tom’s time serving his country is over, but life is still so very precious that each moment of every day is a singular gift. When I kiss my children good night I am thankful that I am here and able to do so, in a country that is a free society and that Tom is home safe and by my side.   

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