Monday, May 21, 2012

Girl Road Trip

This weekend my daughter Chrissy and I went to meet Paige’s mom to pick Paige (one of our kids) up for the summer, in Ohio. So as you may be imagining it was a girl road trip, that of course included a stack of CD’s like Adele, Jo Dee Messina, Led Zeppelin, Shania Twain and others whom we sang at the top of our lungs for the long drive to Ohio. A cooler of iced tea, snacks and plenty of pit stops for a long comfortable ride. Two females with a “tom tom” and road map from Tom so we wouldn’t get lost. 
 No I wasn’t worried about getting lost, and it was about a 7 hour ride from New Jersey to Ohio. I could go off here in many different directions but I will mention a few things and you can let me know if you want more details.
Yes on the road
great weather and good times. 
Firstly it was really wonderful to get away with just Chrissy and myself, not that I don't love my guys but it was nice to have some uninterrupted one on one time. As a parent when your teen hits a certain age you begin to realize that your time is borrowed.That soon they will be going off to start their own lives, so for me this trip was precious.We laughed, joked, sang, and just had fun without my having to be just mom. (and that was really nice.)
Another thing I noticed which still always amazes me is that as soon as we left New Jersey, the people we met, whether it was at a Starbucks or a restaurant were just plain friendly and more pleasant. I can say that with only one exception, and that was at a Taco Bell we stopped at for dinner were the woman who waited on us was just rude.
We finally met up with Paige and her mom which was a delightful experience. I had never met her mom, since Tom had always done the drive to go meet them. There are some people that are very pleasant and I had always been impressed with her through my experience with Paige, so to finally meet her was a real treat, and she was all that I expected in a good way. There are some mothers that are quite simply really great ones.  She is one of them.
With Paige now added to the mix, it was real girl time. Once we had checked into the hotel, and gone for a swim and jacuzzi which relaxed us all we were ready to go out. This of course included a trip to the Mall where we walked around looking at cloths and purchased several pairs of shoes. Before grabbing a bite to eat and heading back to the hotel where we all fell exhausted into bed after much talking, laughing and horsing around.

A great hotel with excellent
friendly staff
I will give props to the Fairfield Inn in Saint Claire Ohio, where we stayed, it was very clean, and the staff was superb. I would definately stay there again and will in the future. Everyone was friendly and helpful which is really what you want when you go away.
So now I sit here in front of my computer, what is my thought for the day? My house is full we are all safely home, and I couldn’t feel more blessed if I tried. Paige adds a dynamic to our household that mixes right in without any odd uncomfortable pauses. It is as if she never left, and I really love that she feels that comfortable here, that this is her home away from home. Balance that is the key and what pulls things together in life.It is one of those things you didn’t know you where missing until you find it.  

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