Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Lost My Voice....

I’m not developmentally disabled, I’m not deaf, I lost my voice it happens sometimes when you get sick and strain your vocal cords you can lose our voice. Pollen can do it also and right now there is loads of that. So for now when I open my mouth, most people cringe whenever I try to talk, heck I cringe. I can now understand what it must be like to try to communicate without a voice to others. It stinks, without the benefit of beautifully flowing sign language, and people who understand it, my options are limited.
      People either speak loudly like I've lost my hearing as well or act like I have grown two heads. It is actually pretty funny because most people don't know what to do or how to act.The lady at the deli counter shoved my order at me and basically ran away before I could give her the rest of the order. The guy at the gas station kept asking me if I was alright, and if I needed help. It is funny, for right now I avoid answering the phone, or putting myself in a position where I have to force the words out. Believe me I am truly thankful that it is only temporary, because I now have a better appreciation for those who are mute.
Hey What did you
say lady? 
        It really doesn't mean stupid folks, and maybe I am not being quite as politically correct as I should be but anyone who has spent any time around those special and unique people who are different knows first hand that they are very much like everyone else in many ways. Vibrant, colorful, and full of life.
     Back to my story here, I went out for my Saturday morning “Garage Sale”  run with my mom and of course my mom not unlike the rest of my family doesn't seem to realize not talk means can't talk. Let your vocal cords rest so that you can talk later. All of them keep asking me questions, calling me on the phone while I sit there squeaking like a mouse trying to answer them getting more frustrated by the moment with them all even though they mean the world to me. 
     No one likes to get sick, and I definitely could have done without losing my voice right now. Aside from all the jokes, snickers and “What mom? What did you say mom? Oh, I can't hear you.” from my daughter while she laughs over her cleverness.
No mom its not the smoking
it was the violent puking for 24 hours
I would say is a safe bet.
      More than anything it has been an enlightening experience. I didn't realize how important simple conversation is to those around me, and to myself. I spend hours not talking at all at times, and that is OK with me, this is almost like a prison that I can't wait to be free from. Find the key let me out....

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