Thursday, May 31, 2012

Praise When Praise is Due

An Open Letter To Frank Blake Of The Big Orange Box
Although I am no longer an employee of The Big Orange Box I will be forever thankful for the men and women who took a chance on me and allowed me to be a part of their teams. This letter is to Frank Blake to let you know that you do still have several really great managers in New Jersey. John Bodi, Steve Stockhammer, and Ed Mickiewicz are real example of what a manager should be, they have all still managed to hold onto that level of caring compassion for their people that is so important to moral. Had it not been for these three gentlemen and their faith in my ability to excel at my job I feel I would never have made it.  
I was fortunate enough to start with this company before Bob Nardelli took over as CEO and was able to learn the values that made this company great to work for. When a person was judged by what they did and could do, to grow their business. Hard work and a positive attitude provided opportunities to learn things I may never have learned elsewhere. This thank you is also to Gayle Franks whose leadership and later friendship made me the competent (go to) person I was allowed to become. For helping me find the courage to later pursue my own dreams of going back to school.
I would not have the base of knowledge I now do to work in the industry I am working in, had it not been for the thorough training and ability to work side by side with real trades people who both provided knowledge to the customers and to their fellow employees. This is one facet that has gone away that made this company the powerhouse it was and I have always felt it was a loss for the company.
Thank you to Jon Bodi for trusting my ability, Steve Stockhammer for giving me an opportunity to explore a different area of this company I had never thought of and Ed Mickiewicz for trusting your ASM’s to know their people and being a human being when I was hurt on the job. 

Your compassion serves you well when many would have tried to find a way to pass the buck and still do. You truly are each a great asset to your profession as men and managers. Thank you for being who you are, never loose that.

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