Friday, May 11, 2012

Smoke Em if You Got Em

Smoke Em If You Got Em

“Excuse me, please stay out of my space! its a 12 foot area that surrounds me, six foot out from every side of me.” It’s called the smokers zone, no please don’t walk through it pretending that you're gasping for air because you don’t smoke. Don’t make rude comments I really don’t appreciate them and it makes you look like a real jerk.

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I grew up in an era when people smoked on planes, trains, and on buses. If you went to the movies they would ask you, “please put your cigarette out before the movie started.” Many of our parents smoked, in the car all the time at the pool, the grocery store and yes even getting their hair done.

Yet when I began looking for statistic on people between the age of 30-50 who have died from second hand smoke there really wasn’t a whole lot of actual facts out there.The statistics are taken from heart attacks, lung cancer, and SID’s can I call a foul here. At least 155 people die from diet pills, that isn’t counting those that are anorexic, bulimic, or who develop life ending side effects from using them.   

Is it bad for you YES! but guess what, so is drinking are we going to bring back prohibition?  Maybe we should curtail the drinking of red bull, or diet pills because after all doesn’t that make you jumpy, effecting your heart. You could accidentally kill someone. Oh and while you're at it, if you or your spouse are taking blood pressure medication, you better give up your keys because I really don’t think it’s fair for you to put my kids lives at risk based on the possible side effects. Same for you if your over 70 your reflexes aren't quiet good enough for you to drive anymore.

Growing up many people smoked. Did it make us all weak and sickly? No! Our parents sent our behinds outside to exercise instead of sitting infront of a computer or video game. Why weren’t we all dropping with asthma or any of the other ailments that they are now linking to smoking.Because god knows it was all around us and over us. Also let's not forget those people who like to eat, you should have the right to say, "Oh no its salad for you you're too fat", right?

Yes, people die from cancer every single day, those who choose to smoke made that choice. Just like people who choose to work at a job where they're exposed to toxins in the air, it is a reality they all need to live with. Its a decision, like the decision we make when we go out for fast food instead of eating healthy.

My point is this, respect is a two way street. If you don’t smoke then walk away, that is your god given right. If you want to shove diet pills, red bull or even booze down your throat it is your choice not mine.I won’t tell you how to live your life or act like a twit and try to take away your freedoms. But hey, while I’m letting you live your life, Let me live mine.
Bullying is illegal or didn’t you hear that yet? Some of you out there are down right nasty and discriminating when it comes to smokers.

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