Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some Things Are Just Delicious "Monkey Butter"

Some Things Are Just Yummy

It is always a pleasure to find a new recipe that is just yummy, yes that is the only word I can think of to describe it. I have been procrastinating about trying this recipe I found on a prepper site, it looked interesting so I copied it down and have been walking around with it for several weeks.I finally tried it using it as a spread called “Monkey Butter.”
This is now one of the new favorite foods in our house because it's really great, and works well on toast even without butter. I love this on toast with peanut butter and then spreading it on top with a little cinnamon sprinkled on for good measure .
The Recipe is surprisingly easy, I did alter it a little but that was for my family's preferences.

This is what it should look like. 

Monkey Butter

5 ripe bananas cut into pieces make sure no brown spots, and put in blender
1(20 oz.) can of crushed pineapple with the juice in blender
¼ C. of coconut flakes add to blender.
3 Tbs. Lemon Juice add to blender.
Puree until smooth, then add mixture to a saucepan on the stove.
Add 3 C. sugar
Bring mixture to a boil stirring constantly. Once mixture reaches a boil lower heat and simmer while stirring, until it thickens. You want it about the thickness of applesauce. Then pour it in sterile jars with seals and allow to cool it will fill about 3 small jars. I put mine in the fridge but you can put it in a water bath and let it boil for about 15 mins. to finish preserving it.Then store on a shelf. 

(American Preppers Network/KRIS WATSON - Fri Apr 13
The original recipe has you just cutting up the bananas and adding everything to a pot to boil, but I found by pureeing it we liked the consistency better, so its your choice.  You can also add other tropical fruits I haven't tried that yet but I will let you know. 

This comes out sweet, yummy and was an immediate hit in our house, it's a great way to use ripe bananas and it isn’t a big drawn out process the whole thing took about 15 to 20 mins start to finish.  Enjoy.

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