Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unemployment in New Jersey The Real Skinny

New Jersey is known for many things, but not the efficiency of their government organizations. In fact New Jerseyans will regularly complain about this fact to anyone who will listen. I recently have crossed paths with unemployment in New Jersey for the first time in my life. Having said that, I have to say aside from the fact that most of the people seem to be extremely unhappy with life in general they are by far the group with the biggest lack of common sense I have come across.
Now mind you this isn’t sour grapes, and initially the application process was pretty easy on the computer. But here are a few things to note if you ever need to deal with them directly.

  • One you cannot ever get anyone on the phone unless you call from there so don’t bother go directly.
  • Only in a state like New Jersey will they penalize you twice for losing your job. Yes its illegal to take a rapist or murder to trial for the same crime twice but unemployment will. (I’m not making this up.)
  • In almost two years of collecting not once did anyone contact me for  retraining classes, or anything other then to verify my information.
  • If you get fired from a job you will be penalized for seven weeks in the beginning and at the end.
You can't make this stuff up folks. Is our system broke, “Heck Yeah!” It’s no wonder people are defrauding unemployment all over the place. Initially these programs were set up to help people, this system they have is helping the question is who? I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life until two years ago, and to be truthful I hope I will never have to collect again.
For myself I wound up being more proactive in dealing with my situation then they were. I got permission to go to school, (on my own) in fact when I went to make sure I was doing the right thing I was told, “Oh yes that’s good, your early to go back to school for job training.” I remember walking out of there and the only thing I could say was “Oh MY GOD.”

How bad is it when a system stops using real checks and balances or common sense. On the one hand they expect you to have your employment records when you're terminated, (this would indicate to me that you were printing them out in anticipation of being fired) REALLY?!!!!
Sorry, secondly if you appeal unless the employer is a real schmuck they can lie and often do without qualm because unemployment will go with pretty much what ever they say. You can appeal up to three times, but they can penalize you and demand you repay it if you fail. HMMM.

There is no common sense involved which is kind of sad if you ask me. I’ve paid into this system for well over 25 years, never once using it until now and as a taxpayer I am really disappointed in the system. Can I get a refund?
It really was "here’s your money now go away."
I am thankful I have a job now, and don’t need the system anymore.The fact that it is so easy to abuse and has been, for a while floors me and should floor you also. For people who legitimately need unemployment it can be the difference between surviving and not surviving. I also don’t feel anyone should be judging anyone who is in a position where they have to collect it, and yes the biased against the unemployed is out there and in surprising places even in our own government.

Unemployment was added
during President Roosevelt's time
in office, to help people during the
great depression.

I don’t blame Governor Christie because he didn’t create the mess we did by not being involved and not demanding a voice in how things are done in our own state. As a final thought be thankful if you have a job, I am. Having other people playing with your life so casually and carelessly is just kind of sad. Everyone isn’t a hustler, and not everyone is honest, if people open their eyes as see that there is a human being in front of you not a number, or a problem maybe things would get better. 
Hey it has to start somewhere.

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