Friday, June 22, 2012

If They Pulled The Plug......

If All Our Electronics Were Gone What Would You Do?
What would you do if tomorrow your internet, tv, and cellphones were gone, blocked from use? Internet and cellphone have become such a big part of our lives that we don’t think about the fact that our kids have never been without either unless they are over 20. Even then it is hard for many to remember the good old days when your pocket wasn’t ringing with a new txt or call. Our children can txt at what seems like light speed and laugh at our inability to keep up with them.

The same can be said for the internet and computers,growing up IBM was the big name in technology, there was no microsoft, and apple was an expensive computer even then. Today we do everything from filling out forms for a doctors before a visit, to checking our banking, paying bills, reading the news, taking courses for school, and checking the weather at a glance.  
These items have both become an integral part of our everyday existence that we can't seem to live without. We did for many many years, and we were actually fine. The world didn’t come to an end and we called our friends and talked on the phone or went out and rode our bikes to their houses.
With all the chaos that is out there in the world we live in I don’t believe it is a stretch to think that if things were to go to hell in a hat basket that one of the first things that could possibly happen would be jamming the signals we all take for granted now. I asked my kids what they would do it tomorrow the internet, laptops, tv, and cell phones no longer worked  my girls answered read. But my youngest seemed almost horrified as if it was a thought that was too horrific for him to even think about.
I don’t consider myself a parent who puts their kids in front of a tv yet even in my own house I can see the dependence on these things. Because lets face it they are convenient and as much as we complain we have all become accustomed to having these luxuries  that we take for granted. I say luxuries because we don't really need them to survive. They really aren’t a basic need.
We don’t have to have them to be happy as individuals, and it really wouldn’t be the end of the world. Would it be hard yes the lack of communication regarding what is going on in the world around us would change and how we received that information would also change, we would have to start talking to each other again as people. Is that possible you tell me, I can remember growing up in a time when neighbors knew each other, had block parties and people read the newspaper.
With so much going on today, it isn’t a bad idea to stop for a moment and just think what would you do if these things were no longer available in your life how would you cope? How would your family cope?

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