Monday, June 04, 2012


Sure you could say I am a gloom and doomer, that is of course if you're living under a rock somewhere. Last week while reading several articles it is starting to come to light within the media that yes unemployment is actually on the rise. 14.8%  a quoted unemployment rates is not exactly low. Many feel that the number is closer to 22% but that is speculation since there are no  real statistics to back it up at this point. What is interesting in all of this is on the same day the stock market dropped a record of over 277 points in one day.
I think it is safe to say we are not really out of the woods yet. Especially when companies like Verizon are offering employees a buy out verses laying off almost a hundred thousand tech’s and customer service reps. Do you still have your rose colored glasses on?
Reality isn’t always pleasant, and as Americans we have grown used to feeling like everything is ok. After all we are Americans we are unstoppable. What many of us are failing to see is that as Americans what makes us special is our resilience and ability to overcome adversity. To be blunt here when the poo hits the fan we always work it out. So why would anyone not want to face the reality that we are all living right now. When everything from food, gas, utilities to education have skyrocketed in price still many of us are insisting that oh yes things are getting better.
The preppers are branded as nuts. Which I personally don’t agree with and the people who are foolishly spending and still overextending themselves are viewed as  optimistically investing in their economy. So when the poo does eventually hit the fan where will you be? In debt up to your eyeballs or debt free and saving for your tomorrow?
Its tight out there and getting even tighter by the moment, before the great depression wall street  execs came out and insisted that no the economy was fine and it was all just a dip. Go back and look for yourself. History does repeat itself, with a president and political system that believes to continue throwing good money after bad it isn’t hard to imagine that someone could very well be knocking on the White House with a
foreclose notice. After all if you overspend and overspend not taking care of your bills  or mortgage what happens?

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